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Our investors are what make this company possible.

Through their trust in our abilities we have been able to grow this organization into what it is today. 

To build that trust, we offer opportunities in projects that we underwrite first. Each property is unique, therefore we want to make sure it hits the parameters we need in order for it to be a win-win for everyone. 

The opportunities we focus on are in the New England area. We specialize in multifamily, value-add properties. We take properties in poor condition and make them great again. We take under-performing assets and make them perform again. We also employ strategies to exceed the rental income that normal market rent metrics say you should be earning. 

We offer two ways for investors to make money:

  • Debt
  • Equity

Whichever you are looking for, we only make fair offers. 

Debt: In this low interest rate environment, investing with us is a solution to earn a healthy interest rate on a performing asset.

Equity: If ownership rights in the property is what you seek, we offer a fair equity split for the contribution of your time and financial resources. 

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