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Increase Rental Income

Do you want to dramatically increase your rental income?

Let’s face it, there’s major scale necessary to retire early from real estate when only earning an extra $200/month after expenses from your rental. 

Have you considered renting out individual bedrooms?

All of the properties we currently own, are rented by the bedroom. We offer services to teach you and set up this strategy for you.

Here’s an example:


  • Triplex
  • 3 bedrooms/1 bath per unit
  • C class area
  • Rent per bedroom: $500
  • Rent per unit: $1,000

Strategy #1: Rent by the room

  • Unit 1: $1,500
  • Unit 2: $1,500
  • Unit 3: $1,500

Total monthly income: $4,500

Total annual income: $54,000

Strategy #2: Rent by the unit

  • Unit 1: $1,000
  • Unit 2: $1,000
  • Unit 3: $1,000

Total monthly income: $3,000

Total annual income: $36,000

Income increased with rent by the room: 50%

Here we can see a 50% increase in total gross annual income. This is a massive difference.

If you are thinking this must take more work to manage, that is simply not true. Let us get you one big step closer to financial freedom.  

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