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Welcome to our first blog post ever!

I figured I should maybe do an intro blog post first here. To start, did I ever think I would be doing a blog? No. But, can it hurt? Probably not. 

I want anyone that visits our blog to get valuable information as quickly and efficiently as possible. Everything today is about speed and efficiency. I want to deliver that to you. 

This blog will feature the following topics. However, this will expand and change over time as I am sure you would imagine. Topics:

  • Rental real estate
  • My stories and experiences
  • Renting-by-the-room  
  • Long distance landlording
  • Property management
  • Tenant management 
  • Current deals
  • Networking
  • Deal analyzing
  • Rehab and Rent / BRRR strategy
  • Financing – Hard money, private money, conventional
  • Finer details – leasing, software, banking, apps
  • Mental fortitude / strengths
  • Guest contributors

Like Gary Vaynerchuk preaches, the key to viewership, success and providing the most to your audience is bringing content. Content is king. I want to bring information that you can actually use. At this point, I have had great successes, embarassing failures and some eye opening other experiences littered along the way. I always say, I could have my own reality TV show with some of the stuff that tenants, contractors, and others, do. 

Looking forward to this.